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  1. The Herbal Healing Powers of Wild Roses - Health and Wellness - Mother Earth Living
  2. The Herbal Healing Powers of Wild Roses
  3. Rediscovering the Most Romantic Bloom
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RSS Feed. She-Wolf Wellness. The other night, I took the best bath of my life. I had taken a ridiculous amount of rose petals, left for dead, and decided I would make use of them. I ran the bath, lit some candles, and dumped a massive bag of petals into the water. They looked so perfect floating there on the surface, begging for me to slide myself in. As I did, it felt as though I was being cradled by the softest pieces of velvet, floating about and petting my skin.

I stayed there for more than an hour, my senses having the time of their lives between the physical sensation and the amazing aroma infusing the water I was submerged in. The next day, I took even more petals and kept them over my stove as I made my first batch of Rose Water. My entire apartment smelled like a garden! I've since bottled it up and infused some bottles with different essential oils.

The Healing Power of Stones : Healing Powers of Rose Quartz

Ah, roses; ah, love. Enter a beautiful medicinal with the most romantic history and associations. Casting love and its myriad consequences aside, roses as herbs are soothing and therapeutic to the body, mind, and spirit. In herbal medicine, we use the petals and fruit rosehips of the rose. Rose petals are mildly sedative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic. The antiseptic nature of rose petals makes them a wonderful treatment for wounds, bruises, rashes, and incisions.

The Herbal Healing Powers of Wild Roses - Health and Wellness - Mother Earth Living

Taken internally, their anti-inflammatory properties make them a wonderful treatment for sore throats or ulcers. They can stimulate the liver and increase appetite and circulation. Got flu? Rose can also lower your body temperature and help bring down a fever or cool you off in the summer. As an anti-spasmodic, it helps relieve spasms in the respiratory system asthma and coughs , in the intestinal tract cramping, constipation , and in the muscles cramps and sports injuries.

Rediscovering the Most Romantic Bloom

And, just like the essential oil, rose petals are a nervine; they help soothe and calm the nervous system, easing tension and pain. Rosehips are wonderful little packages that are delicious in teas or even substituted for your favorite fruit in recipes for preserves. High in vitamin C, especially, but also containing vitamins A, B3, D, and E, rosehips are an effective nutritive — especially helpful during the long cold and flu season. Rosehips are also a strong antioxidant, protecting you from the ravaging effects of the free radicals that are a part of any urban lifestyle.

Their flavonoid content makes rosehips strong antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals read: anti-aging tonic for inner and outer beauty. Their anti-inflammatory nature helps soothe all kinds of pain, including arthritis, gout, and sore muscles. Base tea One batch of rose petal tea can have many uses. For your base infusion, pour 1 cup boiling water over 2 to 4 teaspoons of dried rose petals.

Cover and steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Apply that base tea to any of the following:.

The Herbal Healing Powers of Wild Roses

Measuring in megahertz, it was found that:. Below are some ways they can help you. She had been suffering from a knee injury for over a year now.

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As we placed the roses on her body and performed the energy healing, we all felt a weird, energetic corkscrew coming out of her knee. When the ceremony was over, her pain was gone! The origin of the Rose Healing Ceremony came from a man in Mexico who healed his son from a terminal illness using roses. The miracle spread around his small town and is now practiced in shamanic circles around the country.

Although a Rose Healing Ceremony is done with a partner, you can easily incorporate roses into your self-care ritual.

Rediscovering the Most Romantic Bloom

Every color possesses a unique frequency—your subconscious will know exactly which one you need for healing. Before selecting your roses, take a deep breath and allow your body to relax and your heart to open.

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Try not to think about it beforehand or get attached to your usual favorite colors—it might surprise you which color you need! Download it below! Get clear on what you want to heal or develop within yourself.

This will program the roses to help you. Ask them to please assist with your intentions. You may want to write this in your journal or speak it aloud.

Flower Power – the healing power of Jasmine & Rose (includes recipes)

Take each rose individually and dangle it above your body. Ask it to go to the area that needs the most help. This can manifest as a subtle magnetic pull or an intuitive knowing.