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Everything had been extinguished: I was suffocated by the absence of light and sound. I must have screamed. I must have flailed about, my limbs shuddering so frightfully that Mother called for help. I must have lost consciousness, because when I opened my eyes the doctor was there, eyeing me gravely from beneath his white eyebrows. The grasses were laid flat to the hillside; the trees shook in the gusting air.

Maupassant Original Short Stories

Forty-eight days since she had last seen her: the person she had traveled so far to forget. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Maupassant Original Short Stories.
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Read it here. As the two reconnect, Lynette reassesses her feelings for Toby, who is now successful, married and has children. This story is a perceptive look at the reality of picture-perfect lives, and an exploration of how even the most independent of women can internalise what society believes women should want.

“Mpendulo: The Answer”

In this story, the narrator contemplates her relationship with her partner, Jonathan, while they are on a train journey. She is unsatisfied — everything she used to love about Jonathan now annoys her, and she finds his avoidance of confrontation passive aggressive. When a couple join them on the train, the narrator finds herself envious of their beauty and glamour, but not everything is as it seems.

Smith has written plenty of short fiction, much of it for The New Yorker and all well worth checking out. In this second-person narrative, Smith inhabits the world of the singer Billie Holiday, who in the story is famous but struggling with drugs, and incredibly lonely. Read more.

This is an essential read on the subjugation of women and the way marriage can be a prison. This tale, also the title of a short collection by Mantel released in , caused much consternation when it was published, particularly among Tory circles.

suffocation a very short tale Manual

This is about three girls working in a garment factory in Bangladesh, searching for love and, more importantly, security. Garments is both funny and sad, and honest about sexuality and the vulnerable position of working-class women. Its three very different protagonists all do what they need to survive in a world made for men.