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  1. The Stairway to the Stars on Brite-Star | Garage Hangover
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  3. The Stairway to the Stars on Brite-Star
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In The Rain I'll Wait Tell Me So No More Lonely Gal Blues Drummer Man Walkin' And Talkin' Juice Head Man Of Mine Pete Baby get lost The Man I Love I Can't Get Started Evil Gal Blues I Only Know Stairway To The Stars. I'm Afraid Of You How Deep Is The Ocean? Joy Juice Oo Wee Walkie Talkie The funding covers much of the related concert necessities, such as the honorariums for three guest conductors, transportation, security, staffing, reception, and purchase of the multiple pieces of music.

The event begins tonight with the Orchestra concert with Barnard. And it is worth it. Tickets will be available online until noon on the day of each concert. Remaining tickets for each concert will be on sale at the Barnum Hall box office. Proceeds from the ticket sales go right back into the districts music programs.

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We teach finally that you have absolutely no control over anything. And that the more you let go, the more you detach, the more energy of truth will flow in you.

The Stairway to the Stars on Brite-Star | Garage Hangover

If this is not real, at what point will you stop defending it? The moment that you totally stop defending yourself, you will experience the resurrection. You are here simply because of self identity. How many so called entities coming to transformation, or recognition, does it take to save the illusion of the world pain? Just you. Who can save the world? Since the world can only finally be your perception of it, obviously it cannot be saved outside of yourself. How could it? You think that you can have things and hold onto them in your self identification.

To have anything is impossible.

Transmaniacon MC

You already are everything. Finally to have is to be. I am, therefore I have. How could that possibly be? Is there a scarcity of things?

The Stairway to the Stars on Brite-Star

Are some things good and some things bad? At what point do you judge that? But what you go through in your mind to sort things out of what you think is good and bad or right and wrong is incredible. No wonder you get tired; your mind constantly has to sort things out. And when you get all done nothing stays the same anyway and you end up changing your mind about it. You get all tired. Tiredness is a form of death; there is no such thing as tiredness, any more than there is such a thing as disease.

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You think so but, boy, if I were in a constant state of trying to judge something I would get awful tired too, trying to sort it out in your mind, no wonder you are tired. Stand aside from it. I am very much aware, as I stand here with you, that you are not real in personality. Why would I? Why would I think that somehow a facsimile of consciousness could occur that has things all sorted out and holds things in his mind? Would you be different than the other four billion entities established here on earth, and there are billions of stars? How would you be separate?

How would you be different? How am I different from you finally? Not at all! At the next level we will establish into brotherhood, or a recognition of a single truth. We are taking the fracturedism of the essence of purity or energy as manifest in the various colors, the panorama of colors of energies that occur in us are variant in our own symbiotic relationships, so we combine them in essences of love or communication and recognition of identification of mutuality. When you finally come to your own fruition, everywhere that you look you identify in love, because you see only yourself.

You want to be free?

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  4. Love everybody. Then you extend from yourself the creativeness or the truth of your own union. And if you are coming up and looking at it and you are holding onto yourself, it is very painful. You try to self identify in the midst of a big spray of energy that is dictating a single truth to you and that can be very difficult. When you complete that, you will be awake without dying through the death process itself. So do it. Why would you stand aside from it? Why would you define who you are? At what point do you retain identity and march to your own death? All you do is give it up. Now our energy patterns are very similar.

    We identify with a single light of truth, nothing will define that. What would define it? We stand in truth. All fear is gone. How… what could we fear? Big surge of energy just came up, look at that. See the colors? See that? What would be real about this? Everything is beautiful, all of it is beautiful.

    Is this more beautiful than this?

    Is it less beautiful? There is no such thing as more or less. There is only all. I am you.

    Blue Öyster Cult

    You open up the door and there it is. Now, look at this. Oh, oh.

    Stairway To The Stars - The Complete Recordings 1940 - 1949

    Earthlings are blind, deaf, and dumb — all of them. There is finally no such thing as a little sight.