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  3. Police: Drinking man brought zebra, parrot along for ride - CNN
  4. Police: Drinking man brought zebra, parrot along for ride

Zebras were, and still are, hunted for their skins and meat.

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They also compete with livestock for forage [30] and are sometimes culled. The Cape mountain zebra was hunted to near extinction, with less than individuals by the s. The population has since increased to about due to conservation efforts. Both mountain zebra subspecies are currently protected in national parks, but are still endangered. Hunting and competition from livestock have greatly decreased their population. Because of the population's small size, environmental hazards, such as drought, are capable of affecting the entire species.

Plains zebras are much more numerous and have a healthy population. Nevertheless, they too have been reduced by hunting and loss of habitat to farming.

Zebras have been the subject of African folk tales which tell how they got their stripes. According to a San folk tale of Namibia , the zebra was once all white, but acquired its black stripes after a fight with a baboon over a waterhole.

After kicking the baboon so hard, the zebra lost his balance and tripped over a fire, and the fire sticks left scorch marks all over his white coat. Zebras are a popular subject in art. When depicted in movies and cartoons, zebras are most often miscellaneous characters, but have had some starring roles, notably in Madagascar , Racing Stripes and Khumba. Zebras also serve as mascots and symbols for products and corporations, notably Zebra Technologies and Fruit Stripe gum as well as Investec.

Zebras are featured on the coat of arms of Botswana. Some on-field officials in various sports, especially American football , basketball , and ice hockey , may be nicknamed "zebras" due to the resemblance of their black-and-white striped uniforms to the animal's markings. Zebras on the Botswana coat of arms. Recent research has shown that TU, a strain of Clostridium bacteria found in zebra feces, can convert nearly any form of cellulose into butanol fuel.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Black and white striped animals in the horse family. For other uses, see Zebra disambiguation. See also: Evolution of the horse. A cream zebra in captivity. This section does not cite any sources.

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Illustration of a zebra from Ludolphus A new History of Ethiopia Online Etymology Dictionary.

I'd like to be notified of new arrivals in the following categories.

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Police: Drinking man brought zebra, parrot along for ride - CNN

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Police: Drinking man brought zebra, parrot along for ride

Retrieved May 22, It's not what you think". South Africa.

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Why Do We Ride Horses But Not Zebras?

If you choose you can relax alone or invite a friend and enjoy the summer sun! Features: Inflatable swimming pool float Replica of a zebra The float is white with black stripes Featuring eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and tail The footrests are the zebra's legs and read "SWIMLINE" This float can fit more than one person, enough room for you and a friend There are two sturdy white handles, one on each side The float has recessed seating area for comfort Recommended for ages 4 and up Inflatable is made from gauge vinyl Contains one repair patch Dimensions: Deflated: 26"H x 61"W x 64"L Inflated: 97" long Material s : PVC Note: Ships flat and does not come inflated Black and white swimming pool ride-on lounger The float is a giant striped zebra This float comes with two sturdy white handles, one on each side For ages 4 and up Measures; 26" high by 61" wide by 64" long Product Weight: 7.

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  4. His short stories have appeared in many of the major science fiction and mystery magazines and hardcover anthologies. He has written ten screenplays, several of which have been optioned by major producers over the last decade. In , he and film collaborator Barry Schneider sold The Sailmaker, an epic multimillion dollar film, for a high six-figure amount.

    The project should be in production in He has acted in many films and has directed several stage plays, as well as scripting radio plays. Ron currently resides in San Jose, California, and has one other great love besides writing: riding his Peruvian Paso horses. If our characters can succeed in selling a decrepit gray mule to the circus as a white zebra, metaphorically speaking, they can then count coup on a society that considers them to be non-contributory.

    Lou has been an avid film buff since early childhood his mother was a drive-in movie projectionist who hung his car seat next to the projector six nights a week , and he is a sucker when it comes to anything dealing with the silver screen. On the tour bus fate strikes Sidney when he meets Lorili during her abortive attempt to hijack the bus. It is love at first smite and Sid is torn between duty and romance when Sally disarms Lorili and throws her off the bus.

    ZEBRA is the story of the love between two young people of totally divergent backgrounds: a young Jewish writer with great faith and a low threshold of pain, and a dynamic Latino woman who has very little trouble identifying what she wants and even less in securing it. It is the story of an old man who dreams cinemascopic dreams in Dolby sound and who wants little more than to be a part of something more creative than blackjack hustling before he dies. It is the interweaving of two inept but dedicated con artists determined to finally make that last big score that will allow them to rest for the first time in their treadmill existances.

    ZEBRA tells how these mismatched and unlikely characters actually bilk a casino out of the seed money necessary to start up a motion picture company, how they attempt to con each other out of the bankroll, and how they finally end up in Hollywood where it is walk the walk time. Someone once said that to fill the job of the Presidency of the United States was impossible, the person elected was never qualified, they were just forced to do the job and succeed because of the mantle of the office. Such is true of Piece of the Action Productions, a company so doomed to failure by virtue of its lack of virtue, it actually does get off the ground.

    The Art of Racing in the Rain. Garth Stein. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Jonathan Safran Foer. James Patterson. John Lutz. The Wanted. Robert Crais.