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Most of the items from Fallout 1 returned, but had alternate and upgraded forms: the minigun, for example, is now joined by the Avenger and Vindicator miniguns. Item prices were also increased at stores, making scavenging for items more important. In addition to old, upgraded weapons, several new weapons were introduced for all branches of combat, thus making no one combat skill the best, and allowing the player to be powerful with any firearm. The range of enemies was also increased to a wider diversity. The end result is a much more complex combat environment.

Skills start off at a lower rate than the first game, and the various skills are also more important. Previously, skills like Unarmed, Doctor and Traps were used sparingly, but now, a wider range of skills are useful. The maximum level of a Skill was increased from to The Unarmed skill in particular was made much more sophisticated by adding different types of Punches and Kicks depending on the player's Attributes and skill level.

Several new Perks were added while most others were retained, allowing a greater degree of customization.

Karma is accompanied by Reputation, and while Karma affects the player on a whole, Reputation affect how the player is received in a single town. While Karma is achieved by doing good things and killing monsters, Reputation grows based on how the player helps the city, usually by completing subquests. By nature, Reputation and Karma tend to grow parallel to each other. Also, the player can acquire certain titles Gigolo, Made Man, Slaver based on their actions that also affect the game and how others react to them.

Recruitable NPCs were very simplistic in the first game, and the only extent of control the player has over them is controlling what weapons they use and telling them to stay at a certain distance.


In Fallout 2, team NPC control became much more sophisticated, with them being able to level up, equip armor and be issued orders before combat ranging from when to run away to when to heal themselves. The NPCs also possessed distinct personalities and characteristics, similar to previous games. The recruiting process has also been made more complex, with NPCs refusing to join the player if he has negative Karma or before a certain quest has been completed.

Finally, there is a limit to the number of NPCs a player can recruit, as well as a larger amount to recruit over a dozen. In the original Fallout, subquests in the towns and cities were usually solved within that city, with only a few subquests requiring the player to travel. The cities, fairly isolated except for caravans, were concerned with their own problems. In Fallout 2, however, the cities have a great deal of contact with each other, and with the sole exception of Klamath, actions in one city will affect the state of another, and subquests will often require the player to go back and forth from location to location to kill enemies and deliver messages and items.

To assist this, the makers of Fallout 2 added a vehicle, The Chrysalis Motors Highwayman sometimes erroneously called the Roadmaster, which is a real car. The Highwayman, based on the 57 Chevy with sci-fi upgrades, reduces map travel time significantly. It can be upgraded several times in various missions, and it runs on the same nuclear cells as certain weapons in the game; this element is faithful to s concepts of future vehicles, such as the Ford Nucleon.

The game's overall theme matter was more R-rated, with drugs and prostitution becoming major elements of the setting and the drug "Jet" central to one of the major subplots. Profanities are also encountered more often.

Reward Yourself

During the course of the game, players can join the Mafia, become a porn star, get married and subsequently divorced, and nearly every town in the game features some sort of prostitute that can be slept with. Slavery also becomes an important subplot, with players able to side with the Slavers or join their opponents who try to stamp slavery out, and also allowing NPCs to be bought and sold.

Also, a speedrun is much more difficult than in Fallout 1. In Fallout 1, players could go straight to the Military Base, destroy it, then travel to the Cathedral and do the same. In Fallout 2, the final base cannot be accessed until a computer part from Vault 13 is found, and Vault 13 in turn cannot be found until one of two quests have been completed, thus requiring a great deal of fighting that makes doing these tasks difficult for a starting character.

Codex Alera / Characters - TV Tropes

Also, while they can recruit allies for the battle, there is no way to avoid the final boss battle in Fallout 2, again, encouraging combat and making a speedrun difficult. In spite of these factors, the game was completed in on a video posted on the Speed Demos Archive website. In Fallout 2 , there are an enormous number of easter eggs. Some references include; a random encounter of a crashed starship and a portal reminiscent of an episode of Star Trek , a crashed boat referencing the Titanic, a splattered whale with a pot of petunias next to it referencing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , a giant rat with plans of world domination called "The Brain", King Arthur and his Power Armor clad knights searching for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, the Bridge of Death, referencing Monty Python and the Holy Grail , an explanation of how Vault 13's water chip broke and a literal easter egg.

At the end of original Fallout , the hero Vault Dweller was exiled by the Vault Overseer for his prolonged exposure to the outside world. Unable to return home, the Vault Dweller with a group of willing companions traveled far north. Eventually they started their own tribal village called Arroyo in what is modern day Oregon. Decades have passed since the original Fallout, and the Vault Dweller has died. In the time since the Vault Dweller's exile, a new government known as the New California Republic abbreviated NCR has begun to unify the southern towns and is spreading to the north.

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A mysterious new organization known as the Enclave has emerged with the most sophisticated technology in the wastes, even surpassing the Brotherhood of Steel. During , Arroyo suffered the worst drought on record. The GECK is a device that can create thriving communities out of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. The player, assuming the role of the Chosen One, is given nothing more than the Vault Dweller's jumpsuit, a RobCo PIPBoy handheld device, a Vault 13 water flask, and some cash to start on his mission. The player eventually finds Vault 13 the first place possible to obtain a GECK devoid of the majority of its former human inhabitants.

The Chosen One returns to find his village captured by the remnants of the United States government known as "The Enclave". The player, through variety of means, activates an ancient oil tanker and its autopilot, thus allowing him to reach the Enclave's main base on an offshore oilrig.

The Bad Guys Book 2: Mission Unpluckable (PART 1)

Vault 13 was supposed to be closed for years as part of a government experiment, this makes them perfect test subjects. With all genetic impurities removed, the Enclave who remain protected from radiation could take over. The player frees both his village Arroyo and the Vault 13 dwellers from Enclave control, and destroys the Enclave's oilrig.

I haven't read Sixth Edition yet. I didn't think of these earlier and am now annoyed at pointing out the first issue while overlooking these. I suggest they be replaced with the rules, Maneuver Warfare and Total Warfare. Maneuver warfare: All units with this rule must declare if they are using it at the start of there movement phase. They may make then make a shooting attack, all rules applying, except they are treated as having moved in the last movement phase, can only snap fire heavy weapons, can only shoot rapid fire weapons up to half range, ectra they THEN may make a movement phase move.

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  • If Thoughts Could Kill.
  • Circuit Double Cover of Graphs (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 399).
  • An Uncommon Soul.
  • Never Ambush a Jaguar Princess: (Book 2) (The Jaguar Princess Rules).

To summarize, they may move then shoot, as normal, or shoot THEN move. Additionally: vehicles with this rule must declare how far they are going to move, and then are treated as having moved that far when determining how many guns they can shoot. Total Warfare is sort of the Opposite.

Units with this rule are not nearly as mobile, but are a bastion, holding place. Instead squads 'should number 12 by default', as before the battle they already split into 12 man fire teams, with the ablity to split further into six man teams. Additionally: for every two full squads you can or maybe must take a Sargent independent character from elites of that type, a sort of lite captain model that confides a benefit to his squad.

So two Tactical squads of 12 unlock the ablity to take a tactical Sargent who confers to his squad split fire, for example. Therefore I prepossess the knights get one, but the role of the Emperor champion is replaced by a 'Emperor Assassin' model who does not have to challenge a enemy, but can direct free strikes to him by sacrificing his own attacks. It has a higher chance of kill the enemy, but in return does not take him out of the rest of the fight as if you had 'properly' challenged him. I don't think Tactical should have heavy weapons gasp , this makes them much more mobile, turning a faction that would other wise play a bit like guard and tau, form a gun line, blast till nothings left into a unique faction of highly mobile squads advancing to rapid fire range and then skirting backwards as they cede ground, rapid firing the whole way into the enemy.

Suppression teams should be made that, teams. Like Imperial guard weapon teams one guy covering the others back, 2 models to a gun forming so in a four heavy weapon team, with the 12 man squads taken from above you have four 'bullet catchers'. I also hold that Suppresses should be moved to troops as with the above tactical suggestion they lack the heavy weapons.

They should also be able to take Mortars and lack short range heavy weapons. Now this is just me, and the fact I'm using Guardsmen in my knight inductor army but I highly doubt the 'reasonable' marines would deploy half trained recruits as scouts. They should be complete unit of troopers in carapace armor, hell guns, bolters, shot guns or snipe rifles, just what it says infant just with out the scout option. A new unit should be added to Heavy support to replace the Suppression teams, Annihilator teams, a squad armed with short range, heavy flamer, Multi melta, Assault cannon heavy weapons.

Additionally: we get Obliterate teams, basically devastators armed with weapons other chapters shun, Artillery.

Warrior Series

Heavy mortars, Quad guns and Thunder fire cannons. Vindicator should have the upgraded demolisher replaced with a normal battle cannon,or vanquisher cannons, making it like a real world casement tank destroyer. Predator tank should be removed and infolded with the razor back as the Knights real world mind set finds the same faults in the Predator high sides, bad gun depression as we do. However, but storing more ammo in the turret they can make a Razor back that can act the same as a traditional predator while keeping the rhino transport space maybe Plus 2 so it can carry a full squad.

The result is a space marine chimera that can take auto cannons, and maybe sponsors in place of the side doors.