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  4. American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap

Larry Page and Sergey Brin were old men, starting Google at the age of In the policy world, 30 years of experience usually makes you powerful. In the technical world, 30 years of experience usually makes you obsolete. Policy makers who think college engineering students should be grateful for the opportunity to shadow them and photocopy during college summers have it all wrong.

Interns on Capitol Hill answer phones. Interns at SpaceX launch rockets into orbit.

Even the dress codes are vexing and perplexing. In the tech industry, adults dress like college kids. Inside the Beltway, college kids dress like adults. Closing this divide is a national-security imperative. And it requires thinking differently, generating inspiration rather than just regulation, and targeting the leaders of tomorrow, not just the leaders of today. For starters, the Pentagon needs a messaging overhaul. Cyber Command and the National Security Agency, gave this standard recruiting pitch to Stanford undergraduates a few years ago, it fell flat. It still does. We recently held a focus group of Stanford computer-science majors.

Read: How do Americans weigh privacy vs. For these students and their peers, the desire for impact is real and deep.

Pickin' on the Divide - Tickets

They believe that they can achieve large-scale change faster and better outside the government than within it. Deploying the best young engineers against the toughest challenges, early. The Pentagon also needs to create ambassadors, not lifers. More than getting technical experts into government for their entire careers, we need to get more national-security-minded engineers into tech companies. Winning hearts and minds in the tech world starts early, with new college graduates who are more open to new experiences that can last a lifetime. It would select the 50 most talented American engineering students graduating from college for a prestigious, one-year, high-impact stint in government service, working directly for senior leaders like the Air Force chief of staff, the secretary of defense, or the commander of U.

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Tech fellows would work on the most important projects and participate in special programs for their cohort to bond and form a lifelong network. Tech fellows could defer company jobs or take a leave of absence, knowing that all the other fellows would be the best in the world who would also be heading back to industry.

Welcome to The Divide!

The goal is for their government experience to stay with them. The Tech Fellows Program would have to be high on prestige and low on bureaucracy. In this character-driven film surrounded by the natural beauty of Montana, Veteran Dan Gallagher and peace advocate Betsy Mulligan-Dague demonstrate how compassion, respect and courage can heal old wounds and build a path to peace.

The peace symbol, once an emblem of the anti-nuclear alliance, became the trademark of the hippie and anti-establishment movement. The reaction essentially divided the community between anti-war and military-establishment supporters. While their philosophical differences remain unchanged, they discover their empathic capacities expand through honest exchange of ideas and help to influence and inspire others in their western community.

It is with a heavy heart that I report that Dan Gallagher - a man of fine integrity and an advocate for peace - died of a heart attack on December 26th. I am grateful to have shared part of his life journey and to have had the opportunity to help spread his message of healing divides through the medium of film. May we all follow his example of reaching out to find common ground and "follow our better angels. Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution in honor of Dan.

Politics: Life at the divide

Montana Public Radio. To do this, the organization, in conjunction with external stakeholders, has produced a robust arm of internal evaluation metrics to measure program outcomes.

These breakout sessions featured diverse voices from the worlds of business, nonprofits, government, education, and public policy. Fuller led the panel through a discussion about their work and how it relates to building a thriving workforce that is open to everyone. Ginsburg described his work researching the Swiss apprenticeship model and organizing a visit with Colorado state officials to Switzerland to encourage them to support programs that have students consider the trades as well as a college education.

King told his own story of how finding a trade helped him to avoid trouble in his low-income neighborhood. Stewart highlighted her dream of having a year of service for youth in the United States to connect American young people from a wide range of racial, socio-economic, and geographic backgrounds. Garcia discussed his work helping young people find an education that matches with their career goals and jobs that exist in the market.

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The participants gave a brief overview of how their organizations support skills development. While each panelist provided unique answers, their responses underscored the need for institutions public, private, and nonprofit to work together to advance the broader mission of helping workers attain meaningful skills.

American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap

This question elicited interesting answers, especially from Flynn who proposed a completely new funding structure from the federal government that would better serve workers in the 21st century economy and beyond. Research indicates that childhood development is crucial to success as an adult. Public Prep is a network of single-sex charter schools in New York City.

Stevens outlined the latest findings on childhood brain science, during which she took a deep dive on development, education, and how inputs in the first three years of life—good or bad—determine outcomes in public and private life that extend far into adulthood. Aloupis discussed his perspective on where states stand on these issues, why we need to bring more attention to these issues, and what challenges stakeholders are facing to address them. The SCS was fielded in and aimed to contribute to the literature on social capital, civic well-being, and quality of life in the United States.

Findings from the SCS push back on that narrative. Overall, 80 percent of survey respondents report that they are living or are on their way to living the American Dream. The vast majority of Americans feel a strong sense or some sense of community and identify.