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The legal expert in charge of the investigation into the cult's accounts, Bruno Morselli, produced ten reports filled with "personal feelings". He "failed in his duty of independence and impartiality and took on the role of investigator, even judge," the court accused the court.

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As a result, "no evidence of guilt can be drawn from his work". The second serious offence was committed in when the prosecutor Thibaut Radar, in charge of the prosecution, launched new searches on OKC properties, "under the cover of a social inspection investigation It is knowingly that the King's Prosecutor violated his duty of loyalty by "secretly misappropriating criminal proceedings", President Maes said.

The third serious offence , still attributed to the public prosecutor, was committed at the end of when the Radar substitute sent a letter to all the alleged victims, offering them the opportunity to file a civil suit and have access to the file. The last stage of the rocket to the fiasco : the trial at first instance during which some twenty new victims appeared and were heard while the president of the court, Jean-Luc Vander Goten, prohibited any questioning of the defense and the public prosecutor. Close the ban.

OKCinfo published this October 1, OKCinfo published this September 24, OKCinfo published this September 20, Also on: OKCinformation.

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Thanks to all your donations both offline and online, we now reached 4. If you can still share this campaign via email, social media or word of mouth please Know that each of these little things help us tremendously reach our general goal.


The Judgement day is approaching soon, many people from different countries will join and be present to the final of this 20 year long trial, the date is 18th of September, Justice Palace of Brussels. Check our out facebook event via the OKCinfo page to make sure to get the latest updates. For many of us this is the end of a journey that started in with the first trial where OKC-Spatz got themselves a nice 4 year suspended sentence that they appealed 10 days after the sentence resulting in an appeal court trial in The cult could not do better than what they did to serve our objective : most of the testimonies from cult insiders to c ounter our arguments displayed either lies, cult conditioning, severe lack of discernment, absurd perjury and the use of Tibetan Buddhist figures to justify the legitimacy of their so called Buddhist center.

We hope the Belgian Justice will be able to cut through the bullshit and see OKC and Spatz and the 7 direct accomplice as what they are : criminals that need to face their actions and their utter lack of integrity. History will always remember the version of the survivors and we'll make sure it stays that way for eons to come: Ogyen Kunzang Choling is dead, Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang is just a shadow of psychopathy maintained alive by his utter fear of death and his belief that death is so important moment of life where one's actions are scrutinized, felt and seen by oneself and that on that moment, every pain, every abuse, every torture will be felt thousands of times stronger and for eternity.

Karma is a bitch they say, Human Justice may be flawed flaws used and abused by OKC to last this trial for 20 years is one of their feats certainly but in the end, even before the judgement day, we already won, we spoke up, we united to fight the only battle worth battling for : ourselves and that along with handling our lives and healing is the best way to celebrate winning with or without a matching human justice system sentence. OKCinfo published this August 31, OKCinfo published this July 27, OKCinfo published this September 6, In your letter, you emphasized that Vajrayana needs to be properly introduced.

What I understood from your letter is that even though an authentic Vajra Master can pretty much do whatever they see fit, the relationship needs to be properly established.

You say the Vajrayana teachings lay this out clearly. From this point of view, I would say I was not properly introduced, neither to the Vajryana nor the Dzogchen Samaya. If I manage to get a good lawyer, I think I have good chance to argue in Vajrayana court that my contract was not valid. OKCinfo published this August 25, It's interesting to see how the word allegations is being used all across the world when it's about Men sexual abuse, usually rich, priviledged, powerful men using their positions to try at all cost to appear innocent, "using the justice system" or a third-party independent body to look into these "allegations" while maintaning a narrative to appear like innocent.

It's probably the last time we have to LINK the RIGPA case to the OKC case, both bearing very similar behaviour, not only from the "board" but also from the accused "master" himself, both using narratives, words and excuses to appear innocent that cannot be taken seriously.

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Any independent third-party looking into these matters should be the French Justice System, the Police, but for this to happen, survivors NEED to make a formal complaint, need to use the Human Law Justice system to make sure these so called "masters" are judged not only from a spiritugal point of view but most certainly from a Human Law point of view. Buddhism cannot exclude itself or put himsel on top of Human Laws as if sexual abuses conducted by a so called "master" can only be judged by spiritual laws or worst : stay for ever managed like a personal, internal dispute that an independent third-party could solve.

Survivors from Sogyal sexual abuse MUST go to Justice, must make a formal complaints, that is the only way to force not only Sogyal to face his actions but also RIGPA to take this very very seriously and make sure this never ever happens again. OKCinfo published this August 13, At some point NOT taking a position is equal to being complice to criminals so in the aftermath of the rigpa brave 8 students that found the courage to speak, we at OKCinfo have some advice :. Samaya is NOT broken by making a formal complaints to force a serial abuser to face his own action, quite on the contrary!

Sometimes Karma need a little bit of Help to play his role and staying in silence over grave abuse of power, sex, money etc..

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All these questions and all this diplomacy is a living proof there is a hierarchy, there is a lineage, there is an order, there is different schools with different leaders, all together they form the different schools of thought inside the big Buddhist familly. Of course the hierarchy in Buddhism is different in each country but in the West, there is different schools dominating in different countries and each of them have their own structure and autonomy, but that is not per se an argument to affirm there is no hierarchy in Buddhism.

There is a hierarchy of Importance, of Lineage, of experience, and IF this is not enough to take a position in the case of RIGPA or OKC, then perhaps Buddhism need some serious mutation to abide to some basic Human Laws such as : Integrity, Transparency, Ethics since it seems Buddhism is not enough to provide for such basic protection for students that should not be alone facing the responsibility of meeting with a predator guru under the disguise of the Perfect Teacher.

OKCinfo published this August 4, OKCinfo published this April 13, OKCinfo published this March 20, We also noticed that the "masters" page in OKC website is gone , it's probably a bug since this page stayed online during the whole trial in and is a proud element used by OKC to legitimate the organisation. We will not hesitate going to the International and local Media to make sure this horrific story don't fade out while RS is busy preparing his defense for the incoming court appeal. Ogyen Kunzang Choling legal existence should be dismantled, then only a plan to save the Temples and all the Work and Dedication of hundreds of people can be restored to all the members.

Not the victims, not the civil parties in this story. Tibetan Buddhist lineage should take their responsibility : do not legitimize OKC by visiting it, it doesn't help Buddhism, it doesn't Help the victims, it doesn't help anyone. Cancel or move the events! Prior to this, since we did everything in our power with very close contact to the tibetan buddhist hierarchy to alert them, explain them, with this very presentation, about the reality of OKC.

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  5. We get in return long explanations about the difference between our culture and theirs, we hear false arguments used to justify their silence and we hear the same old tibetan buddhist political excuses to avoid facing their own responsibility : mainly giving by their presence the authority to Robert Spatz aka Lama Kunzang to claim to be a Buddhist Master since In the Tibetan Lineage is guiding OKC out of this mess but unable to publicly denounce and take a stand?

    But it's there because no action was taken when it was still time, today OKC is nothing but a Name, the only reason its still afloat is because OKC is sold:present itself as the bedrock of Buddhism in Europe. OKC cannot claim to dissociate from the actions of Robert Spatz and at the same time welcome Tibetan Buddhist teachers under its roof like if 2 decades of inquiry and the civil parties enlightened testimonies at the trial is invisible.

    Antonio J Saraiva

    Dissociation is about turning upside down this trial and actually tell the truth. Hartman ; Weeks. Abbot e Wallace Roberts Weber , ss. Millet Wall e Almeida Mendes Meillassoux Silva Himmelstrand org. Peristiany org. Honra e Vergonha. Dubisch org. Paulo: T. Santos org. Portugal: Um retrato singular : , Porto: Afrontamento.

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    Giddens e D. Held orgs. Almeida et al. Khan e J. Llobera orgs. Sociology: From Crisis to Science? Campesinas, poder y vida cotidiana Lugo , Barcelona: Anthropos. Parsons e R. Bales orgs. Menscher org.